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bio : Lars

Lars Kamen

Much of Lars Kamen's childhood history is unknown - unknown birthday, unknown parents, unknown home town - unknown everything. Legend has it that Lars was hatched from an egg, and that is why his parents are unknown. While that legend is intriguing, it is probably not true. Probably.

Hilliard and Erma Kamen found 10-year-old Lars while vacationing in Atlantic City in 1984. Lars accidentally came to America from Denmark by getting lost on a fishing boat. When recently asked about it, Lars remembers, "All I remember is smelling pickled herring. I followed the scent to this boat in the harbor. I remember that it was like 10 feet down to the fish and it seemed like such a long walk to the ladder. The next thing I remember is being woken up by two weirdos with three ugly kids."

As it turns out, those two "weirdos with three ugly kids" were Hilliard and Erma Kamen and their three sons Ozzy, Eddie, and "Slash", as he is now known. It is a bit of tragedy that Lars lost most of his memory in that fateful jump. The only thing he remembers is his first name and the 10 minutes leading up to it. After a brief search for his parents, the Kamens did the only thing they could do: adopt Lars as one of their own.

As a young boy, Lars really enjoyed beating on things - especially his brothers. Noticing this trend, the Kamens decided to buy him a small drum set. "It was better that he beat on those drums than his brothers," Erma recalls. "Eddie was especially thankful. I think he mowed lawns for an entire summer to help pay for it. The drums were his idea." As they say, the rest is history.

As an adult, Lars still maintains some of his peculiarities. Anyone that talks to him notes that he is hard of hearing. People still argue whether it's due to all of those years of playing the drums, or all of that hair. Either way, friends will say that Lars' two favorite words are "huh?", and "what?", in that order. During one famous interview he was asked, "how is it being Danish in Manchester?" to which he replied, "I haven't tried that, but I know the donuts are great."

Lars can now be found beating those drums on tour with his brothers and famous band leader Dean Simmons. When researching this bio I asked Lars if he occasionally beats on Eddie for old time's sake. Lars simply replied, "huh?"