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bio : Ozzy

Ozzy Kamen

Ozzy Kamen, one of the four adopted Kamen brothers, was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on December 3rd, 1968. Ozzy lived in an orphanage for deaf children until the age of 5. Once administrators realized Ozzy could hear and was just ignoring anyone who talked to him, he was moved to a foster home. Ozzy's parents were proud shrimp de-veiners, but Ozzy didn't see that occupation with much hope, so as a young teen he left home in favor of an independent life.

Coming upon hard times, Ozzy ventured into Nashua, New Hampshire. The time between Alabama and New Hampshire is not documented nor remembered by Ozzy. At 14 years of age, an exhausted Ozzy stumbled unto the front porch of Hilliard and Erma Kamen and curled up behind their potted Azalea. The Kamens felt sorry for young Ozzy and welcomed him into their home. Having adopted 3 other troubled children before Ozzy, the Kamens knew how to straighten out this confused boy. Ozzy was picked on by his new brothers, but that reminded him of his times at the deaf orphanage, and he felt at home in the Kamen household.

Ozzy received his GED while serving time in in the New Hampshire prison for vandalism to the "Old Man on the Mountain" for the 3rd time in 1991. Ozzy's singing talent was discovered while playing in a prison band named "Black Sabastian". Ozzy enjoys plumbing and collecting ants.