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Dean Simmons T-Shirt!

Buy A T-Shirt! Buy A T-Shirt!
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Available Sizes: S-XXL.

Dude, so you want one of these wicked shirts? You've got two choices:

  1. See the band, buy a shirt from them in person for $12 per shirt.
  2. Buy via mail:
    Send an e-mail to Ozzy Kamen (tshirt AT deansimmonsandthekamens DOT com) and tell him how many t-shirts you want to purchase (and size preference). If you are lucky, we will e-mail you back with a confirmation. Ordering by mail will cost you extra, for $15 per shirt. This stuff won't magically appear at your door, you know.

We cannot sell anything at the FIRST Robotics gigs; we can only deliver pre-purchased t-shirts.

All proceeds for these shirt sales will go towards sponsoring a FIRST Robotics team in 2006. If you are on a FIRST team who thinks you are worthy of this sponsorship, send us a note, or post a thread in our forums. We need to decide what makes a team deserve our massive sponsorship. More information on that will be announced at the end of our Midwest Tour, on July 22.

Rock on.